“Integrity at all costs”

Icon Construction is northern Ohio’s preferred construction partner, providing extensive experience our clients can rely upon when planning or building their project.


Our pre-construction services provide the guidance and knowledge necessary to make informed financial, design and construction decisions. During this phase we will offer recommendations on existing site conditions, feasibility, design & engineering, scope of work, budget and construction timeline.


Our design-build service creates a collaborative relationship between the design-builder and the owner. The workflow efficiency is substantially increased by combining the design and construction teams. This process allows design, permitting and construction to evolve simultaneously, saving time, money and frustration through a unified approach.

General Construction

Our general construction services are provided for clients that have previously created the plans and specifications for their project. We will coordinate all aspects of the construction process by providing site supervision and overall project management.

Carpentry & Interior Finishes

We have the ability of self-performing labor in carpentry, drywall and the numerous other elements involved in commercial interior construction.