“Consistently Outperforming the Competition”

Icon Interiors is Northern Ohio's preferred interior systems contractor providing owners, architects and general contractors extensive experience and superior craftsmanship, at optimum efficiency.


With the availability of numerous types of wall construction, the need for a competent contractor is crucial. From fire rated assemblies to sound control assemblies, the use of proper products, as well as installation methods, is a necessity.

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Ceiling systems can remain basic, or develop into a complex design, with various grid and tile options available. Also, specialty ceilings (suspended clouds, canopies, etc.), can add a unique architectural detail to your space. However, you can rest assured knowing precise results are imminent with all applications.

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A floor must not only look attractive, and suit the needs of a specific space, but also last a certain period of time. From carpet to marble, and with many options in between, our wealth of product and installation knowledge will ensure success within all projects.

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General Construction

As an interior contractor, we focus on all the architectural details throughout our projects. But with smaller projects, we are able to operate as a general contractor, coordinating electrical, plumbing, and mechanical contractors. A single source, responsible for project outcome.

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